This game is based on a story called "NIGHTFALL" that I started writing in 2017.

When I saw that this week's One Hour Game Jam prompt was NIGHTFALL, I just had to go for it. So here we are.


In the desert, things move slow... almost unnaturally so. But at night, the mesas and valleys come alive with spirits and deities of all species and from all walks of life. Today's story focuses on the Trickster spirit, Coyote, as they are wrapped up in the center of an otherworldly phenomenon.


This game is unfinished and plays like a visual novel. Instructions are simple... Click the yellow text or arrows to progress the game. It's about as simple as it can possibly be due to the one hour restriction... But that worked to my benefit for this game because I finally got to add visuals to my writing, which was _COOL!

(also-- for the curious: nótt = night in icelandic)

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